The  MONEY is in Your EMAIL LIST



“The Money is in the List!" 

How many times have you heard this phrase before?

When you run an online business, there's NOTHING more important than building an email list of qualified subscribers. 

But list building is easier said than done...

Your online business' success is directly tied to your ability to collect and nurture email addresses.

You spend so much of your valuable time, money and effort into generating traffic... you'll be wasting all of that if you don't leverage it to grow your email list. 

Why I created FB Lead Machine!

True story...

I was in a coffee shop waiting in a long line to get coffee. Like most other people who have a phone in their hand, I too was browsing the social feed on my phone :-). 

I saw a link to an interesting post in my Twitter Feed and clicked on the link. I landed on an opt-in page. The opt-in form just had name and email fields, and a signup button.

I didn't feel like typing in my contact details with my one free hand (while balancing stuff with the other). But I still wanted to read the article, so I reluctantly typed in my contact details on my phone, and clicked on the signup button.

My expectation was that the post would be instantly accessible because I already gave them what they wanted...  

But instead, I landed on yet another page where I was asked to look for an email with a confirmation link.

Frustrated, I just left the website.

Yes, I know why they wanted me to confirm my email - no one wants SPAM signups. I get that.

But at that instant, I knew I had to solve this problem for me... and you!

Here's the thing...

Doesn't matter how "great" or "valuable" your content is... Just imagine how many visitors might be leaving your website, or not processing your content, just because of the tedious process involved in getting to it?

Today, more and more users are accessing websites on their mobile devices. Every extra step that your visitors have to take, to sign-up or to access your content, will directly impact your conversion rate and the growth of your business.

That very day, after my experience with the coffee-shop opt-in experience, I returned home with ONE GOAL in mind...

To give YOU a tool that will NOT just make your Signup Process Simple, Easy and Painless, but also allow you to Deliver your Signup Reward Instantly, in a refreshingly unique way, to your subscribers! 

A couple of months later... FB Lead Machine was born!

Check out the LIVE DEMO below! 

Live Demo

Lead Machine in ACTION!

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

FBLeadMachine will allow you to stay GDPR-compliant. 

​​You can add an optional checkbox to the FB Lead Machine templates for consent. This is so that you can have subscribers tick a box that says something like "I agree to receiving a newsletter and understand that I can unsubscribe any time".  Or you can simply just add "Privacy Text/Link" below your opt-in button / forms. The checkbox section will ONLY be displayed to users from GDPR countries. 

FBLeadMachine will also store the GDPR consent date/time. This way, you will have proof of their explicit consent to receive messages from you. 

  Protect Sections of Your Blog Post

Add the FB Lead Machine Start-Tag before the start of the content and the End-Tag after the end of the content that you wish to hide. Your readers will first see a Content Locker (behind which your blog content is initially hidden). They can instantly unlock the hidden content and continue reading, by signing up with the click of a button!

Yes, I am ready To use lead machine to grow my email list!

FB Lead Machine sets up in no time!

FB Lead Machine sets up in no time! It’s simple to use, it works smoothly and you can quickly switch and customize the forms. From the website visitor’s perspective, it makes their next step very clear, and provides them with the instant gratification they are looking for.

On the back-end I love the user interface and most importantly how easy it is to manage the automation of what happens with the names and emails of the people who signup. It’s very visual and intuitive.

Just like DAP & SPC.

Really really well done Veena. You should be very proud. You've got another winner on your hands.

- Sarena Miller

Eric Biley

List Building on  Steroids


Email Automation

Add the users that opt-in, to your email platform for future follow-up. Connect your content lockers with your email marketing platform, with tags that can be set at a content-locker level! 

If you cannot find the integration you are looking for - odds are you'll find it with Zapier (which FBLM integrates with). Connect your content lockers to the platform of your choice via Zapier!

Facebook Custom Audience

Automatically sync your FB Lead Machine lists with Facebook Custom Audiences!


1) Target ads at your existing subscribers on Facebook to increase conversion.
2) Exclude your existing subscribers from certain Facebook campaigns to reduce costs.
3) Reach new prospects who are similar to your best ones using Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

Customizable Templates

Lead Machine comes with several content locker templates that are mobile responsive, ready-to-use and optimized for conversion. Add beautiful, attention grabbing content locker buttons or templates to your site in seconds!

Different Types of Content Lockers!

1.  Visually appealing content locker templates.
2. 1-click buttons.
3. 1-click signup via Facebook or traditional email/name signup form.

4. Lead Popups

Export User Details

Lead machine will allow you to fully manage users that've opted-in to different lists on your site. You can also fully export a CSV (comma-separated) list of users and upload it to your Facebook Custom Audiences. 

Tracking / Reports

FB Lead Machine will provide you with all the data that you need to analyze the performance of your content lockers, compare different content lockers, and tweak the content as necessary for higher conversion. 

From visits to clicks to conversion, you'll be able track everything for each one of your opt-in forms!


"FB Lead Machine is a game-changer if you’re looking to grow your email list without complicated coding or designing - it’s so simple and easy to use! With just a few clicks, you can have a professional sign-up form on your website and be collecting leads in no time! You knocked it out of the park again, Veena!"

Torey Lynn

Not Convinced Yet ?


There may be other platforms and plugins that support 

1-click Facebook Registration - that part may not be NEW.


HOWEVER... FB Lead Machine is MORE THAN just a 1-click registration plugin. Here's why... 

If you are still not convinced that you need FB Lead Machine, I want to make that decision a little bit easier for you :-).

In an industry crowded with WordPress plugins, online courses and SaaS options for list building, FB Lead Machine has no equal! Here's WHY I strongly believe that FB Lead Machine can help you more than any other solutions out there:

  • Unlike other SaaS platforms that may offer 1-click sign-up feature, FB Lead Machine is a WordPress plugin and is shortcode based. And as a result, it gives you tremendous power, flexibility and control over your list-building efforts. For e.g. you can enter the FB Lead Machine "Start Tag" before the start of content you want to hide and the "End Tag" after the end of the content you want to hide. You can do this on ANY WordPress Page or Post. This way, you can instantly protect the content between the start- and end tags. Your visitors will initially see a 1-click button in place of the content. And the content will be unlocked instantly upon a successful signup, without any disruption in the flow to your readers. And they never have to leave the page, or fill out any forms.
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    You can choose from a variety of beautifully designed, conversion-optimized, mobile-friendly and eye-catching templates that are sure to grab your visitors' attention.  It'll make them pause for a little bit to learn more about your offer, even on a busy site with a lot of content.
  • You can hide ANY type of premium content behind FB Lead Machine's 1-click signup buttons and templates. Greet your visitors with a 1-click button for quick, easy and painless sign-up that gives them instant access to your premium content.
  • check
    You can incentivize your users in many different ways to get them to sign up. Here are a few examples:

1. Instant Coupon.
2. Instant access to an E-book or Report.
3. Instant access to a Video (eg., Part 1 is public, sign up to watch Part 2).
4. Instant access to a Checklist.

5. Continue reading rest of your Blog Post.

  • Automatic Login to your DAP-Powered Membership Site. (does not require DAP, but if you have it, then it seamlessly integrates with DAP). 
  • check
    Ability to fully customize both the style and contents of your signup template or button.  You can also add text that shows up above or below the signup form or button. The text will automatically disappear upon a successful signup.
  • Ability to configure how often you want the opt-in button or form to display to those that have already signed up. Or you can also make it not display the form or opt-in button if they have already signed up.
  • You can redirect users to a different page upon signup or you can unlock the hidden content in-place, without them having to leave the page.
  • No double opt-in confirmation required (but optional).
  • check
    No SPAM signups (because you're getting their Facebook email id). 
  • Add users to your email platform like ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit, Aweber, Mailchimp etc. FB Lead Machine also integrates with Zapier. You can add users your ZAPs instantly.
  • check
    Automatically sync emails to your Facebook Custom Audience. Use it to re-target these users for different campaigns or to exclude them from specific campaigns as they've already signed up.
  • check
    Instead of giving away launch-special coupon details in your launch email or on your sales page,  hide it behind a 1-click signup button and have it UNLOCK INSTANTLY with the click of a button. So even if users leave without buying, you'll still have their contact details.
  • check
    Fully manage your users. You can export a CSV list of your members, upload to Facebook to create lookalike audiences.
  • check
    You will also be able to fully track Visits, Clicks and Conversions of each content locker.

FB Lead Machine is NOT just a "1-Click Registration with Facebook" plugin.  

FB Lead Machine will change the way you approach list-building, and open up new ways for you to interact with your audience, and monetize your content. 

Grow your Email List like NEVER Before!

Special Offer will EXPIRE SOON!

FB Lead machine

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  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee!
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    License can only be used on 1 Site.

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fb lead machine

unlimited-site license


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    30-day Money-back Guarantee
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    One-time Fee
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    Multiple-Site License (terms below)

Unlimited-Site License is NOT for use on client sites, JV sites, partner sites, friend, family, organization web sites. It is only for use on your OWN web sites.

Secure Payment.

FB Lead machine

Lifetime license


  • FREE Upgrades & Support
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee!
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    One-time Fee
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    Multiple-Site License (terms below)

Unlimited-Site License is NOT for use on client sites, JV sites, partner sites, friend, family, organization web sites. It is only for use on your OWN web sites.

Secure Payment.

FB Lead Machine will make it INSANELY EASY for YOU To GROW your LIST!

Hi...I'm Veena Prashanth.

I'm the Co-Founder / Co-Developer of (DAP), a premium Membership Plugin for WordPress.

I'm also the founder of one of the most powerful, easy-to-use and customizable shopping cart plugins for WordPress - SmartPayCart (SPC), and the host of DAP's official podcast -  

I created FB Lead Machine with the goal of making it ridiculously easy for your website visitors to subscribe to your email list... and to empower you with a powerful, customizable and easy-to-use plugin that will allow you to incentivize your users and present them with premium content in many different ways, to get them to subscribe to your list.

FB Lead Machine will change the way you approach list-building, and open up new ways for you to interact with your audience, and monetize your content.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If you are not happy with this plugin, just let us know within 30 days of your purchase, and we'll give you a prompt refund.

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